Do I Need an Inspection?

Buyers generally are required to have an inspection as part of any transaction if they are financing any portion of the purchase. The inspection report will give the buyer a written summary of concerns that can be used to negotiate with sellers and provides the lender with a third party assessment of the condition of the property. No matter if the property is new construction, resale, or bank owned; knowing the condition of a property is invaluable and can allow you to make informed decisions about the transaction. At the conclusion of the inspection, I will review my findings with you and answer any questions as well as point out significant concerns first hand for clarity.

IMGP0012Cash buyers and those purchasing new construction often feel that they don’t need an inspection. The inspection is a tool for your protection no matter what the terms of sale are and you, as a buyer, should afford yourself every opportunity to gain knowledge about what is most likely to be the most significant investment of your life.

Sellers often commission inspections prior to placing a house on the market. This allows them to make decisions about concerns that may arise and to address them prior to a buyer’s inspection thereby improving their negotiating position. It can identify safety issues so they can be resolved ahead of any showings. It can also help a seller look at the house through a third party’s eyes without any emotional interests so that the house may be realistically priced.