Single family residence up to 2000 square feet $450
Condominium (interior only) up to 1500 square feet $295
Follow-up inspection (base rate) $150
Additional square footage Call for quote
Additional buildings Call for quote
Commercial buildings and multiple units Call for quote
Multiple kitchens and redundant systems Call for quote

Some inspections outside of my immediate area of operations may be charged travel time. Follow-up inspections begin at $150 but additional charges may apply depending on the entire scope of the inspection and number of items to be reinspected.



A note on follow-up inspections

Follow-up inspections are generally not necessary. If agreed upon concerns are addressed by hiring a qualified and licensed contractor to make repairs, usually a receipt with a description of work performed and a written warranty is adequate. If the repairs are being performed by the seller without benefit of proper qualifications, you may want to consider a follow-up inspection to verify proper repairs.